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Arteria AI Secures $30 Million in Series B Funding

Arteria AI Secures $30 Million by web3oclock

On October 30, 2023, Arteria AI, a prominent player in the world of applied artificial intelligence, announced the successful completion of their Series B funding round, amassing a total of $30 million. This exciting development, led by GGV Capital U.S. and supported by existing investors, Illuminate Financial, Information Venture Partners, BDC Capital, and Citi, catapults Arteria AI’s total funding to an impressive $50 million. In this blog, we’ll delve into Arteria AI’s significance in the financial industry, their recent funding success, and what it means for the future.

About Arteria AI

Arteria AI is a respected and trusted partner of various prestigious financial institutions, including global Tier 1 banks. Their mission is to propel these organizations into the digital age with AI-powered software that streamlines documentation processes. These transformations occur on a massive scale, resulting in increased speed and efficiency across areas such as trading, lending, and asset management.

The company’s innovative platform eliminates manual processes by structuring data from the very beginning of the documentation lifecycle. It provides data and insights through intelligent workflow tools, facilitating quicker decision-making for all stakeholders. By linking documentation processes to the automation lifecycle, Arteria enables true straight-through processing in core business activities across the enterprise.

About the Funding

Arteria AI recently completed its Series B funding round, where they raised $30 million. This funding round was very popular among investors, with strong support from their current investors. GGV Capital U.S. led this round.

Arteria AI plans to use the $30 million to speed up their efforts to bring their AI technology into the world of financial services. This money will help them expand and improve their products. The financial industry believes in Arteria AI’s potential to change how things are done.

Shelby Austin, the CEO and co-founder of Arteria AI, is excited about working with GGV U.S. She talked about their mission to solve the problems related to documents in financial services. This funding shows that they are dedicated to helping their customers.

Jeff Richards, the Managing Partner of GGV Capital U.S., thinks Arteria is doing important work. He said that while automation has improved many things in finance, dealing with documents is still a big challenge. GGV Capital is happy to lead Arteria’s Series B and support their vision.

Chelcie Taylor, an investor at GGV Capital U.S., praised Arteria for their ability to handle unstructured data. She also talked about CEO Shelby Austin’s skills in growing the company and attracting talented people. Taylor believes Arteria can bring a new AI-driven way to deal with documentation in financial institutions.


Arteria AI‘s recent Series B funding of $30 million marks a significant milestone in their journey to transform documentation processes in the financial services sector. With a total funding of $50 million, they are poised to bring AI-driven innovation to the heart of the financial industry, increasing efficiency and productivity for their esteemed clients. The partnership with GGV Capital U.S. and continued support from existing investors signify the growing confidence in Arteria AI’s capabilities.


What does Arteria AI aim to achieve with its AI technology in the financial services sector? 

Arteria AI’s goal is to streamline documentation processes in the financial industry, offering AI-enabled software that replaces manual tasks with automation. This leads to faster and more efficient operations in areas like trading, lending, and asset management.

Who led Arteria AI’s recent Series B funding round, and what was its significance? 

GGV Capital U.S. led the Series B funding round, which brought in $30 million. This funding is vital for Arteria AI’s expansion and the enhancement of their AI technology, reinforcing their commitment to revolutionize documentation in financial services.

How does Arteria AI’s innovative platform benefit financial institutions? 

Arteria AI’s platform eliminates manual processes by structuring data from the beginning of the documentation lifecycle. It provides data and insights through intelligent workflow tools, enabling faster decision-making. By connecting documentation processes to automation, Arteria enables true straight-through processing, improving efficiency across the entire enterprise.

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