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In a groundbreaking move,, a company specializing in AI-powered computer vision intelligence (CVI), has secured a $20 million strategic investment from Allegion Ventures. This is a major milestone for both companies, and it marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the physical security industry. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this strategic investment, what it means for, and how it could impact the security landscape.

About is an innovative company founded in 2017 by CEO Shikhar Shrestha and CTO Vikesh Khanna. They have established themselves as pioneers in the field of AI-powered CVI, offering a unified, AI-powered physical security platform. Their mission is to prevent security incidents and make the world a safer place. They have already garnered trust from large enterprises in various sectors, including tech, energy, manufacturing, and more, with clients like Adobe, VMware, and Impossible Foods.

About the Funding

The $20 million strategic growth investment from Allegion Ventures is a significant development for It represents the largest individual investment made by Allegion Ventures to date, bringing’s total funding to over $72 million. This investment is a testament to the company’s remarkable growth, having achieved more than 4 times its initial revenue and customer base since coming out of stealth mode in 2022.

The primary goal of this investment is to enable to prevent security incidents more effectively. This includes supporting organizations in addressing their most significant physical security challenges by harnessing the power of AI. The partnership with Allegion opens the door to wider AI adoption in security, envisioning as a pivotal AI-powered platform that drives proactive and automated security operations for all organizations.

The funds will not only help expand its partner ecosystem and integrate with other security products but will also be dedicated to research and development, ensuring that more organizations can easily leverage AI for enhanced security.

Conclusion‘s $20 million strategic investment from Allegion Ventures is a pivotal moment in the evolution of physical security. It demonstrates the growing recognition of AI’s potential in preventing security incidents and highlights’s commitment to improving security operations. With the backing of Allegion and their innovative approach to security, we can expect even greater advancements in the security industry.


What is’s primary goal with this investment? aims to use the $20 million investment from Allegion Ventures to further its mission of preventing security incidents by helping organizations address their most significant physical security challenges through the power of AI.

What sets apart from other security companies? distinguishes itself by using AI-powered computer vision intelligence to offer continuous, unbroken monitoring of sites and real-time threat detection, access control management, forensic searches, mobile dispatching, and critical security performance data, all while reducing false alarms and improving security posture.

Who are some of’s notable clients? serves a wide range of clients, including tech giants like Adobe, VMware, and Impossible Foods. They have also received funding from visionary enterprise technologists such as the founders/CEOs of Appdynamics, Crowdstrike, OKTA, and Veritas, who are committed to the transformative power of AI in physical security.

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