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AI Startup Intenseye Secures $300 Million Valuation in Funding Round

Intenseye Secures $300 Million by web3oclock

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, New York-based startup Intenseye is making waves with its innovative approach to workplace safety. Recently, the company made headlines as it announced plans to secure a significant amount of funding that is anticipated to triple its current valuation, reaching an impressive $300 million. This funding effort is being led by the prominent venture capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and has sparked excitement within the tech industry.

Revolutionizing Workplace Safety with AI

Intenseye, founded just five years ago in Istanbul, has quickly risen to prominence in the field of AI-driven workplace safety solutions. Co-founded by Sercan Esen and Serhat Cillidag, former AI engineers at Sony, the company’s software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze images and videos from workplace surveillance cameras. By employing advanced machine learning algorithms, Intenseye’s technology identifies potential safety hazards and unsafe behaviors, ensuring a safer environment for employees.

The application of Intenseye’s technology is both ingenious and versatile. Their software can detect issues ranging from improper worker posture to violations of danger zones and inadequate use of protective gear. What’s remarkable is that Intenseye’s solution can be integrated into existing surveillance setups, making it a seamless addition to various workplaces. This approach streamlines the process of enhancing safety protocols without requiring a complete overhaul of surveillance infrastructure.

Lightspeed Venture Partners: A Catalyst for Growth

The upcoming Series B funding round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, is a significant milestone for Intenseye. The enthusiasm surrounding this investment reflects the growing interest in AI-driven solutions across industries. The fact that Lightspeed emerged as the preferred choice among investors is a testament to the firm’s expertise and track record in identifying and supporting promising startups.

This round of funding is set to inject $65 million into Intenseye’s operations, propelling the company’s mission of creating safer workplaces fueled by cutting-edge technology. With this financial backing, Intenseye is poised to expand its reach and capabilities, offering its innovative safety solutions to an even broader range of businesses.

Ethical AI Implementation and Growth

Intenseye has been diligent in ensuring that their AI models are developed and deployed ethically. With a commitment to safeguarding individual privacy and psychological well-being, the company’s technology blurs faces and only tracks actionable behaviors. Gökhan Yildiz, Intenseye’s head of business development, has emphasized the company’s dedication to ethical AI practices.

The startup’s success story is further solidified by its growing list of high-profile clients, which includes globally recognized brands like Coca-Cola and Coats. The AI 50 list from Forbes, featuring Intenseye in 2022, highlights the company’s significant contributions to the AI landscape.

An Industry on the Rise

Intenseye’s funding success comes at a time when venture capital investment in AI and machine learning companies has exceeded $32 billion this year alone. The substantial investment influx showcases the growing confidence in AI’s transformative potential and its ability to reshape various industries.

Lightspeed Venture Partners, which boasts an impressive portfolio of over 35 AI companies with approximately $850 million invested, is well-positioned to lead this movement. The firm’s strategic investments in a range of AI-focused startups, from online gaming to business process outsourcing, demonstrate their commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI applications.


As Intenseye prepares to embark on a new chapter of growth, its journey exemplifies the remarkable impact that AI startups can have on workplace safety. Through their innovative technology, ethical practices, and strategic partnerships, Intenseye is contributing to a safer and more efficient working environment for employees across industries.

The partnership with Lightspeed Venture Partners not only underscores the potential of Intenseye but also highlights the bright future of AI startups. As technology continues to advance, we can anticipate more groundbreaking solutions that harness the power of AI to address real-world challenges and transform industries.


1. How does Intenseye’s AI technology enhance workplace safety?

Intenseye’s AI technology revolutionizes workplace safety by analyzing images and surveillance videos from existing workplace cameras. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the software can identify various safety concerns such as improper worker posture, violations of danger zones, and inadequate protective gear usage. This proactive approach allows businesses to detect potential hazards and unsafe behaviors in real time, enabling them to take immediate corrective actions and create a safer working environment for employees.

2. How does Intenseye ensure the ethical use of AI in its solutions?

Intenseye is committed to the ethical use of AI in its solutions. The company’s AI models are trained on a vast dataset of images collected from 25 countries, and it tracks only actionable behaviors while protecting individuals’ identities by blurring faces and implementing other privacy measures. This approach prioritizes individual privacy and psychological safety. Gökhan Yildiz, Intenseye’s head of business development, has emphasized the company’s dedication to deploying AI ethically and responsibly, ensuring that its technology enhances workplace safety without compromising privacy or well-being.

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