1. Uniswap Founder Hayden Adams’ Twitter account was hacked on July 21, 2023.

2. The hackers tweeted out harmful links aiming to trick people into clicking on them.

3. The hackers falsely claimed that Uniswap's Permit2 contract was exploited anonymously to put users' tokens at risk.

4. People in the crypto community quickly warned others about the potential scam after noticing the suspicious activity.

5. It is not known how many people interacted with the scam post or clicked on the malicious links.

6. Twitter has become a favored platform for crypto scammers to carry out fraudulent activities.

7. Similar incidents have happened before, affecting accounts like OpenAI CTO and KuCoin.

8. Hayden Adams regained control of his Twitter account, thanks to the support from vigilant community members.

9. Users are urged to be cautious and verify information to avoid falling victim to phishing schemes.