Matchday, a gaming company combining web3, sports and video games, raised $21M in seed funding led by Lionel Messi's Play Time venture capital firm.

Messi's backing of Matchday brings attention to the startup, while Matchday's expertise in Web3 gaming can expand Messi's ventures.

Matchday signed a multi-year partnership with FIFA to create casual football games featuring officially licensed players and tournaments.

 Matchday's upcoming games include Matchday Play and Matchday Squads, building on the success of the limited-time Matchday Challenge.

With FIFPRO as its official blockchain partner, Matchday provides players with real ownership of their digital items, including cards.

The team behind Matchday includes a wealth of experience in the gaming and tech industries, essential in developing the company's ecosystem.

Matchday's focus on casual football games is expected to attract a large audience of football fans looking for an engaging and interactive experience.

Matchday's collaboration with Messi and its official licensing from FIFA and FIFPRO has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry.

Matchday's games are optimized for casual users, making them accessible to a broad audience within the football community.

Matchday's ecosystem of casual football games is eagerly anticipated, and it will be interesting to see how the company evolves and innovates in the future.