FRUITS has launched an exciting new Web3 game called Golden Egg Wonderland, where players can earn real gold while playing.

They have introduced a unique NFT mechanism that allows players to exchange in-game items and characters for real-world golden eggs and other valuable items.

In the game, players can collect NFTs by raising birds that lay eggs of various rarities. These NFTs can be traded on the marketplace.

FRUITS recognizes the value of gold as a secure asset and will integrate it into other financial services.

The main goal is to create a sustainable society where players can benefit from earning gold while having fun in the game.

To celebrate the game's release, FRUITS is hosting an exclusive giveaway of bird or egg NFTs that can be used in Golden Egg Wonderland.

FRUITS has exciting plans for future game updates and will collaborate with other companies to enhance the game using their new NFT mechanism.

For more information on the game's development, gold availability, and how to exchange NFTs, check out FRUITS' official website and social media channels.